AOWA Microwave Oven

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RM 1500 include postage

new item. 1 warranty. encourage buyers from kelantan.
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  • 5 in 1 Convection Microwave Oven
    • Microwave
      Microwave cooking allows you to customize cooking power and time. 10 types of cooking are provide in microwave cooking function, the highest is 100% and the lowest is 10%, which allows you to steam food, cook rice, crackers and curry chicken.

    • Convection
      During convection cooking, hot air is circulated throughout the oven cavity to made food turns brown, and crisp up quick and even.

    • Grill
      Grill cooking is particular useful for slices of meat, steaks, chops, kebabs, sausages and pieces of chicken. It is also suitable for hot sandwiches and au gratin dishes.

    • Microwave + Convection
      This oven has four pre-programmed setting that make it easy to cook with both convection heat and microwave automatically. It is suitable to baked cake or bread. The temperature of combination 1 is 230°C, combination 2 is 200°C, combination 3 is 180°C and combination 4 is 150°C.

    • Grill + Convection
      This feature allows you to combine grill and microwave cooking on two different settings. Combination 1 is using 30% time for microwave cooking & 70% for grill cooking. Suitable for cooking fish, potatoes or au gratin. While combination 2 is using 55% time for microwave oven and 45% for grill cooking. Suitable for cooking pudding, omelettes, baked potatoes and poultry.

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